4th IEEE International Workshop on Empirical Requirements Engineering

In conjunction with the 22nd IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'14), Karlskrona, Sweden

The International Workshop series on Empirical Requirements Engineering (EmpiRE) aims to increase the cross-fertilization of Empirical Software Engineering (ESE) methods and Requirements Engineering (RE) by actively encouraging the exchange of ideas to understand why and how the empirical methods from ESE can help assess and improve existing or new approaches in RE. The 4th EmpiRE workshop’s goals are to open up the inter-disciplinary debate on the steadily moving frontiers in empirical RE, to help leverage past investments in empirical RE studies to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration, and to extend the network of practitioners and researchers involved in empirical RE studies.

Keynote speaker: Prof. Tony Gorschek, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
"How to increase the chance of successful transfer to practice: Good Practices from real life projects"

Dr. Tony Gorschek is a Professor of Software Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology and part time at Chalmers University. He is also associated with University of Auckland, and University of Ulm where he works with Daimler AG. His research commitments are both national and international ranging from conference organization (General Chair for IEEE RE'14), PC work in premiere conferences (ICSE, ESEC/FSE), to serving on the editorial board for the premiere journal Empirical Software Engineering. Dr. Gorschek has over ten years industrial experience as a CTO, senior executive consultant and engineer, but also as chief architect and product manager. In addition he has built up five startups in fields ranging from logistics to internet based services and algorithmic stock trading. Currently he manages his own consultancy company, works as a CTO, and serves on several boards in companies developing cutting edge technology and products. At present he supervises four PhD students and leads several research projects. As example can be mentioned a project with industry partners Axis and Volvo in the area of Requirements and Verification & Validation co-optimization. IBM, Ericsson and Qtema are partners in a project dealing with Large-scale software based innovation where an innovation candidate engine is under development. Daimler AG and Volvo PV Sweden, both , a luxury car manufacturers, are also industrial partners working with creation of models for optimized communication and lean and agile environments in large scale development of software intensive systems.